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A sky sign is any type of external building signage, commonly located on top or to the side of skyscrapers. Sky sign can be illuminated or non-illuminated, big or small, though most often large and can be manufactured using variety of materials.

                When thinking about sky signage design, there are several key factors which need to be considered. These include: Does the design meet local council requirements in terms of brightness and consistency with other signs within the zoning area? Is the signage consistent with the company’s brand guidelines? How will the signage need to be fixed to the building substrate? How big do the sign need to be to maximize visual appeal and viewing distance? What sort of materials will be most suitable? You also need to be mindful of overall weight and installation methods. If the sign is very large it may need to be designed in pieces and assembled onsite. Larger signs will also require road closures and elevation access equipment. This is usually a large cost to the client because it also needs to incorporate a variety of permits and often traffic controllers to navigate traffic and pedestrians, and so therefore needs to be properly thought out during the design phase.

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