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LED sign is what we call the latest technology in today’s world. It’s much better considered to previous category of backlit signage system in terms of looks, brightness, long life and power consumption. It is eco-friendly as it has less carbon emission and burns less fossil fuel. LED‘s can be of different category, colour, warranty terms and purpose.

Neon signs have been in use in the commercial world for over many decades. Neon tubes are gas discharging lights used as light sources for indoor and outdoor illumination. They are obsolete now with the advanced technology available with LED lights and the various applications making it look similar or even better that the traditional neon signs.

By using various controllers sequences of switching on and off for a display gives possibilities for dynamic light patterns that form animated images.

LED based Neon signs are a popular fixture in indoor and outdoor advertising and are highly in demand in advertising for Shopping Malls, Retail Shops, Jewellery Stores, Bars, Discotheques, Hotels, Restaurants, and High Rise Apartments.
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